Quick Guide To Morning Makeup

I love Dior. The clothes, shoes, accessories, makeup, and fragrance. So, when it comes to my daily makeup, it’s no surprise I use products from this brand.  I choose to use this brand because of the quality of the products. They are honestly long-lasting products that are so light you don’t feel like you are using any makeup at all!

To begin with, I use my Fix It concealer. I have bright, clean skin so I don’t use foundation often. Maybe someday I’ll try one and tell you everything about it. Getting back to the Fix It concealer, I must tell you to get one right now! These 2-in-1 prime and conceal stick works wonders! It conceals facial blemishes, helps erase undereye circles and dark areas, and primes the lips before applying lipstick! Seriously get one as soon as you can!

Next, I do my eyes. This is the 5 Couleurs palette in number 867 ATTRACT. I love this palette because of its highly pigmented color which fuses into a second-skin effect with spectacular staying power. You put it in the morning and your makeup will be flawless the entire day! Then I apply a thin line with my Dior Addict It-Line. I love this liquid eyeliner because it is easy to remove.

When it comes to lashes I am trouble. I don’t like dry mascaras that make my lashes feel hard and damaged. So when I discovered the Diorshow Maximizer 3D, I found heaven. This is a mascara primer-and-serum which immediately oversize lashes. It enhances lash color and intensifies the effects of the mascara. Additionally, it conditions with a revitalizing oil serum concentrate! Then I apply Diorshow Iconic Overcurl because of its exceptional curling power.

At last, I add a pink shade to my lips with the Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss. This is a really fun gloss that adds a sheer, fresh color and ultra-glossy lips an exceptional shine. Now I’m almost done. I never leave the house without my personal signature: Miss Dior Eau de Parfum. You can see more details on this fragrance by reading my last post HERE.

And that’s it! I’m ready to rock my day. If you would like to see some Dior makeup tutorials click HERE. Let me know your thoughts on this! Do you like Dior makeup? Have you tried any other brand? Which are your top makeup products?


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