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This morning, the European League broke out. The Ukrainian team, which has lost 13 goals in the past 3 games, unexpectedly defeated Spain 1-0 at home, giving it its first international defeat in 23 months! The only chance for Ukraine in the whole game was to score a goal, while Spain shot 21 shots unsuccessfully. This is definitely a classic game of weak victory.


The Ukrainian team has recently been in poor condition. After the UEFA Europa League defeated the Spanish team with 4 goals last month, due to the epidemic and major player injuries, it even needed the 45-year-old assistant coach to return to the national team to make up the number. -7 defeated France, a few days ago the European League lost to Germany. But this morning they completed an almost impossible task under Shevchenko's command. The teenager Zigankov, who played only 10 minutes off the bench in the second half, became the most critical player in the game. His blitz caught the Spanish team who was in the front of the defense by surprise and eventually lost unexpectedly.

乌克兰小组最近情况不佳。上个月,由于流行病和主要球员受伤,欧洲冠军联赛以4个进球击败西班牙队,它甚至需要这位45岁的助理教练回到国家队来弥补这个数字。 -7击败法国,几天前欧洲联盟输给了德国。但是今天早上,他们在舍甫琴科的指挥下完成了几乎不可能完成的任务。下半场替补席上只打了10分钟的少年Zigankov成为了比赛中最关键的球员。他的突击突袭了西班牙队,使西班牙队措手不及,最终意外出局。

In the 75th minute, the long-term Spanish team suffered heavy losses. Ukrainian goalkeeper Bushchang made a long pass from the backfield. Karavayev's header made the first point and then passed to the top star Yarmolenko. Yarmolenko resulted In the midfield, a penetrating through pass passed the ball behind Ramos. Substitute Zigankov accelerated wildly. After throwing off Ramos's defense, he pierced De Gea's goal outside the penalty area!

在第75分钟,长期的西班牙队遭受了沉重的损失。乌克兰门将布什昌(Bushchang)从后场飞了很远。 Karavayev的头球攻入第一球,然后传给了顶级球星Yarmolenko。亚莫连科进入中场,一记直传球将球传到了拉莫斯身后。替补Zigankov疯狂地加速前进。在摆脱拉莫斯的防守之后,他在禁区外刺穿了德吉亚的进球!

In the whole game, Spain scored 8 goals with 21 shots. Ukrainian goalkeeper Bushchang played well, completed many saves and launched a fatal counterattack with the first pass. The Spanish team's defense was once over half-court, and did not expect Ukraine to complete a backcourt attack. The defense line composed of Ramos and Paul Torres was penetrated in an instant, and neither of them caught up with Zigankov's footsteps. Therefore, the goal was almost a single-handed goal. No one intervened in the shot. The Ukrainian team was calm. The kicker completes the fatal goal.

在整个比赛中,西班牙打入21球,打入8球。乌克兰守门员Bushchang表现出色,完成了多次扑救,并且在第一关就发动了致命的反击。西班牙队的防守曾经超过半场,并且没想到乌克兰会完成后场进攻。由拉莫斯(Ramos)和保罗·托雷斯(Paul Torres)组成的防御线瞬间被击穿,他们都不追上齐甘科夫的脚步。因此,目标几乎是一个人的目标。没有人干预镜头。乌克兰队很平静。踢手完成了致命的目标。

After Zigankov scored, the side coach Shevchenko celebrated wildly because the Ukrainian team was too difficult, and the past three consecutive defeats underwent a lot of pressure. Even with the return of some players, Shevchenko is still short of major generals, Pyatov and Lunin are absent due to the new crown, the main players Zinchenko, Moras and others are injured and Malinovsky stops. Match. The Spanish possession rate was as high as 70% of the game, Ukraine only had 2 shots, and only one chance to slay a powerful enemy.


Spain's last loss was in November 2018 when the European League lost to Croatia in a 2-3 away game. So far, the Spanish team's 15 unbeaten (11 wins and 4 draws) in 23 months of international competitions ended. The lack of troops and the extremely passive Ukraine’s magical upset. After this game, Ukraine accumulated 6 points in this group with 2 wins and 2 losses. The points tied for the second German team, and it was only 1 point behind Spain, and still retained the qualification. hope. The situation in this group has changed dramatically, and the Spanish team cannot be sure whether they can qualify until the last round.


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