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Some years ago, the world


"What do you want to do when you grow up?"


"I want to be an international football player!"


Ze Suixi encouraged the little girl: "I hope that one day, we can play for the Japanese national team together."


In the 2011 Women’s World Cup, the Japanese team passed all the way in Germany.


Almost no one noticed that the player who stood in the corner area in the 117th minute and sent a corner assist for Sawaho Nozomi, and the player who helped the Japanese team to drag the game into overtime in the 81st minute was Sawaho Nozomi. The little girl who encouraged.

几乎没有人注意到在第117分钟站在拐角区域并为Sawaho Nozomi送出角球助攻的球员,而在第81分钟帮助日本队将比赛拖入加时赛的球员是Sawaho Nozomi。鼓励的小女孩。

That yellow-haired girl back then was Aya Miyama, the sister of Yamato Nadeshiko in the future. Following the example of Sawa Sui Nozomi, Miyama Aya, who was only 157 in height, later became the absolute core of the Japanese women's football team. She was elected Miss Asian Football 3 times, the most in Asia, and entered the top 3 Miss Football World.

那个那个当时黄头发的女孩是未来的大和Nadeshiko的姐姐Aya Miyama。以佐藤穗希为榜样,身高仅157岁的美山A后来成为日本女子足球队的绝对核心。她曾三度当选亚洲足球小姐,是亚洲最多的,并进入了世界足球小姐三强。

With her help, the Japanese women's football team reached the World Cup finals twice and the Olympic finals once.


What made Aya Miyama the person chosen by the goddess of luck? In an interview, Aya Miyama had a conversation with the reporter——


The reporter asked: "In order to grow, what do you think is the most important thing?"


Aya Miyama: "I think it is persistence. Daily training, physical exercise and diet, stick to every detail. Never lazy in daily training, no matter what happens, use an all-out attitude to train. As a Athlete, I have persisted with this attitude until now."

三山彩(Aya Miyama):“我认为这是坚持不懈的精神。每天训练,体育锻炼和饮食都应遵守每一个细节。无论发生什么情况,每天都不要偷懒,要全力以赴地训练。作为一名运动员,我一直坚持以这种态度直到现在。”

"Do you really have the courage to say so absolutely?"


"I think this is the only place I am confident to say this!"


"At that time, older women would tell us not to play football." Japan's former international Yumi Obu said this sentence, recalling his childhood.

“那时,老年妇女会告诉我们不要踢足球。”日本前国际小渊由美由美(Yumi Obu)说了这句话,回想起他的童年。

Influenced by the Chinese civilization, Japan's hierarchical system and the inferiority of men and women were still very serious at the end of the last century. The unrestrained and wild characteristics of football are incompatible with the traditional Japanese woman's family and quiet image-what kind of football a little girl plays is a bad manner!


Fortunately, Miyama Aya was born in a gender-free family, and his parents are very open.

幸运的是,Miyama Aya出生于一个没有性别的家庭,他的父母很开放。

Aya Miyama's father was a football player before, and football has been rolling around at home since the birth of his two daughters. Instead of preventing the two daughters from playing football, the father directly formed a football team.

三山彩(Aya Miyama)的父亲以前是一名足球运动员,自从他的两个女儿出生以来,足球就一直在家里滚动。父亲没有阻止两个女儿踢足球,而是直接组建了一支足球队。

Aya Miyama has an older sister who is two years older than her. Once, his father heard that the eldest daughter’s classmates like football very much, but the place to learn to play is too far away. In order to make it easier for the baby girls to play football, the father directly formed a football team. In this team, Aya Miyama's sister has also practiced football, but "has not yet become addicted."


Aya Miyama entered the team to learn to play in the first grade, and his love for football has never stopped. Later, Aya Miyama's first grade head teacher Uchiyama Masa recalled: "She was a kid who didn't lose to boys in football."

三山彩(Aya Miyama)进入球队学习一年级的比赛,他对足球的热爱从未停止。后来,三宫彩(Aya Miyama)的一年级班主任内山雅(Uchiyama Masa)回忆说:“她是一个在足球比赛中不输给男生的孩子。”

At that time, playing football for little girls was "alien" in Japan. Aya Miyama played football among a group of boys every day. Her parents encouraged Aya Miyama: "There is no difference between men and women if they respect each other."

当时,在日本,为小女孩踢足球是“外国人”。宫山yama每天都在一群男孩中踢足球。她的父母鼓励三山彩(Aya Miyama)说:“男人和女人彼此尊重没有区别。”

It is with this belief that Aya Miyama has dared to fight for speed and confrontation with boys since she was a child, and she never felt that I was born weaker than you.


The concept of mutual respect, Miyama Aya's parents are not just talking about it.

相互尊重的概念,Miyama Aya的父母不仅在谈论它。

During the kindergarten class, Aya Miyama wants to raise a rabbit. For the daughter's preferences, the parents chose to support.


At that time, there was a trend of raising rabbits in kindergartens, and the teacher decided to let the children take turns to take care of the little rabbits. Among them, Aya Miyama was selected as the person in charge of raising rabbits and was full of energy. Many people leave the little bunny out of the sky once the three-point heat is over.


The kindergarten teacher was very angry that Aya Miyama was addicted to playing rabbits and delayed in studying. Who knows that Aya Miyama, who has too much self-esteem, never wants to go to kindergarten anymore.


"The day after I was scolded, I didn't want to go."


For almost all parents, this is almost the bottom line to respect their children. But Miyama Aya's parents are on the side of the child even in this matter.


Although the parents did not force Aya Miyama to go to school, they did not slack off at home, but told their daughters the importance of learning.


"I hate the school itself. I think the adults around me are very embarrassed. But if I adopt such an attitude, it would be bad if I can't study. So in order to study, I also like to read books."


For Aya Miyama, reading is "escape from reality."


"The reading volume is two or three books per month... For me, books are another world I am most familiar with. When you enter the world of books, you will feel like a short trip. The type is mainly mystery novels, and I like Ishida Yiliang Of Keigo Higashino, I love Keigo Higashino the most. I have basically read his books."


And Miyama Aya's self was also reflected in football very early.


In the sixth grade of elementary school, Aya Miyama, as the only female player in the men's team, participated in the regional qualifier finals of the Chiba Prefecture Competition. At that time, Aya Miyama thought that she would break through the barriers with a single ride, and scored four stunned goals-she bit her forehead and broke the ball again and again.


During the intermission, my father said earnestly:


Miyama Aya wakes up like a dream, comprehending his father's teaching. In the end, the final entered overtime, and Aya Miyama received help from his teammates in the overtime and scored the winning goal.

美山A(Miyama Aya)像梦一样醒来,领悟了父亲的教teaching。最终,决赛进入加时赛,宫山彩在加时赛中得到队友的帮助,并打入了制胜球。

"This is the first time I have cooperated with the team in my life, and I still remember it clearly." Many years later, Aya Miyama still remembers that game.


In 2011, at the pre-match press conference of the German World Cup final against the United States, Aya Miyama said the words of his father that year:


Later, becoming the captain of the Japanese national team, Aya Miyama often said to his teammates: "Give your back to your teammates, they are your most reliable people." "If you are considerate of others, that understanding will return to yourself. On..."

后来,三山彩(Aya Miyama)成为日本国家队队长时,经常对队友说:“回馈队友,他们是您最可靠的人。” “如果您体贴他人,那么这种了解就会回到您自己身上。……”

On the football field, in addition to teammates are opponents. Aya Miyama treats her opponents equally with respect for her parents' words and deeds. "This spirit is the same for our opponents. We will indeed be divided into teammates and opponents during the game, but after the game, we will become an important'football partner'. I never thought of being a competitor to every team. "

在足球场上,除了队友都是对手。三山彩(Aya Miyama)尊重父母的言行,平等地对待她的对手。 “这种精神对于我们的对手是一样的。在比赛期间我们确实会分为队友和对手,但是在比赛之后,我们将成为重要的'足球伙伴'。我从没想过要成为每支球队的竞争对手。”

In the 2011 World Cup final between Japan and the United States, both sides had to compete in a penalty shootout. When Kumagai Saki sent the final penalty kick to the goal of the US team, thousands of spectators in Japan burst into shouts, and many people had already burst into tears. The 11 players on the Japanese team knew better than anyone how difficult and depressing this game was.

在2011年日本和美国之间的世界杯决赛中,双方都必须参加点球大战。当Kumagai Saki将最后的点球踢向美国队的进球时,日本成千上万的观众大喊大叫,许多人已经哭了起来。日本队的11名球员比谁都知道这场比赛有多么艰巨和沮丧。

At that moment, almost every Japanese player's emotions erupted like a volcano-some were running wild, some were crying, some were hugging each other...


Only Aya Miyama, she maintained restraint at the pinnacle of her life. At the moment the whistle blew, she fared away from the joy of carnival, ran against her teammates, and went straight to the loser.

她只有三山彩(Aya Miyama)才能克制自己一生的顶峰。在吹口哨的那一刻,她远离狂欢的欢乐,与队友相撞,直奔失败者。


A scene not captured by the broadcast


Hope, the goalkeeper of the US team in that game, was one of Aya Miyama's best friends of the United States. Faced with this sudden apology, Hope was deeply shocked:


"Aya, I want you to be happy. Didn't you just win the World Cup? This kind of thing may only happen once in your life. Hurry up and celebrate with me. I don't need your comfort..."

“ A,我希望你开心。你不只是赢得了世界杯吗?这种事情可能一生只发生一次。快点和我一起庆祝。我不需要你的安慰……”


Hope and Aya Miyama


Later, Hope also recalled this unforgettable scene in his autobiography: "If the U.S. team must lose the World Cup, then the one I hope most to win is the Japanese team where Aya Miyama belongs. Aya is really a great player and great. People’s, her style of play is the best in the world."

后来,霍普在自传中也回想起了这一刻骨铭心的场面:“如果美国队必须输掉世界杯,那么我最希望获胜的人就是三山Mi所属的日本队。A确实是一位伟大的球员,也很棒。 ,她的演奏风格是世界上最好的。”

The same history is repeated in the women's football semifinals at the London Olympics next year.


The Japanese team eliminated the French team and advanced to the final. The other teammates turned into happy little birds-Aya Miyama is still the same Aya Miyama. Her restraint, tolerance, and rationality are just like innate. She "abandoned" the teammates who celebrated the victory, and went to the lost French girls for the first time.


"Even if it is an enemy in the game, after the game, everyone is a footballer." Aya Miyama's sexy touched football fans all over the world.

“即使是比赛的敌人,比赛结束后,每个人都是足球运动员。” ya山美Mi(Aya Miyama)的性感举动震惊了全世界。

At the age of 26, he reached the top of the world and crowned the crown; 3 won the first sister of Asia, crowned the king of Asia. At the back of this honor book, Miyama Aya poured the word "persistence" into it.

他在26岁时登上了世界之巅,并加冕了王冠; 3赢得亚洲第一姐姐,加冕亚洲国王。在这本荣誉书的背面,Miyama Aya将“持久性”一词注入了其中。

In elementary school, Aya Miyama only wanted to play football, "There are always people in the nearby park, so we said, go to the beach to play football. I sometimes go alone, and I was reprimanded to go home late. From then on, I dreamed of joining the world's best team."


At the beginning of the second year, Aya Miyama chose to transfer to school in order to practice ball, and went to Inagi City, Tokyo, which is 3 and a half hours away by car. The commute time is 7 hours a day.

第二年年初,Mi山A(Aya Miyama)选择转学去练习球,然后去了3个半小时车程的东京稻城市(Inagi City)。通勤时间是每天7小时。

"As for myself, because I want to play football, I can't do anything...so I abide by the minimum agreement." After going home after training every day, it was mostly late at night. There is no time to do homework, but in order not to delay training, Miyama Aya chooses to do homework on the bus to and from the training ground every day.

“至于我自己,因为我想踢足球,我什么也做不了……所以我遵守最低限度的协议。”每天接受培训后回家,大部分时间是在深夜。没有时间做功课,但是为了不耽误训练,Miyama Aya选择每天在往返训练场的公共汽车上做功课。

In sophomore year, Miyama Aya chose to join a team called Okayama Yugo Belle in order to continue his football career. This team has just been established, and everyone is on amateur player contracts. In order to continue living, everyone has to find a job in a local enterprise.

二年级,Miyama Aya选择加入一支名为Okayama Yugo Belle的球队,以继续他的足球生涯。这个团队刚刚成立,每个人都在业余球员合同上。为了继续生活,每个人都必须在当地企业找到工作。

Miyama Aya is the same. In order to solve the problem of food and clothing, she has been cleaning the outdoor hot spring part-time after training. Later, Aya Miyama summed up her desire for football in one sentence:


"Aya is very quiet, she doesn't speak much, but she is very serious at work." The owner of the hot spring recalled.

“ A非常安静,她说话不多,但是工作很认真。”温泉的主人回忆说。

At the age of 18, the persevering Miyama Aya was finally recruited by the national team. Prior to this, due to height and gender issues, her career was difficult to sustain. Starting from being selected to the national team, her career entered the fast lane.

18岁那年,坚定不移的Miyama Aya终于被国家队征募了。在此之前,由于身高和性别问题,她的职业难以维持。从入选国家队起,她的职业进入了快速通道。

After her prominence in international football, Aya Miyama's free kick skills and balance between left and right feet immediately attracted attention. The female version of Hidetoshi Nakata, the female version of Beckham, the female version of Pirlo... such beautiful words can be said to be countless.



Jump ball



Long pass scheduling



Push through


标志性的远射 读秒绝平德国

Iconic long-range shot, the countdown is absolutely equal to Germany


In the 2013 East Asian Cup, a South Korean reporter asked Miyama Aya, which one is your preferred leg? Miyama Aya replied: "You will know by confirming it yourself." As a result, the reporter was dizzy by Miyama Aya's Lingbo Weibu at the end of the competition, and still couldn't see which leg was Miyama. Aya's main leg.

在2013年东亚杯中,一名韩国记者问美山A(Miyama Aya),您更喜欢哪一条腿? Miyama Aya回答:“您将自己确认即可知道。”结果,在比赛结束时,记者被Miyama Aya的Lingbo Weibu感到头昏眼花,但仍然看不到Miyama是哪条腿。 ya的主要腿。

Miyama Aya's abnormal balance between left and right legs is mainly due to her mother. My mother was originally a basketball player. When she was a child, she saw her daughter not being good at left-footed football. Then her mother would dribble the ball with her left and right hands, and then tell her daughter: "For basketball, you can dribble with either hand."

Miyama Aya左右腿之间的异常平衡主要归因于她的母亲。我母亲原本是一名篮球运动员。小时候,她看到女儿不擅长左脚踢足球。然后,她的母亲用左手和右手运球,然后告诉她的女儿:“对于篮球,你可以用两只手运球。”

Miyama Aya was inspired to practice her left foot since then. "I started playing with my feet because my mother threw the ball out and practiced playing. My mother used to throw the ball from the left and right sides of me. Then I wondered why only the left side is not good enough? So I started to work hard. Practice."

从那时起,Miyama Aya受到启发练习左脚。 “我开始用脚踢球,因为母亲把球扔出去并练习比赛。母亲过去常常从我的左右两侧扔球。然后我想知道为什么只有左侧不够好?所以我开始努力工作。练习。”

Family education has planted a powerful seed in the soil of Aya Miyama's heart field.


"My dream is to be her teammate one day." Sawa Sui Nozomi is not only the beacon of Aya Miyama's career, but also the spiritual pillar of the Japanese women's football generation. It is under the leadership and encouragement of Sawaho Nozomi that the Japanese women's football has reached the top again and again.

“我的梦想是有一天成为她的队友。” Sawa Sui Nozomi不仅是Aya Miyama事业的灯塔,还是日本女子足球一代的精神支柱。在萨瓦保希的领导和鼓励下,日本女足连连登顶。

At the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Ze Suixi announced to all the team members, "When you are in pain, look at my back."

在2008年北京奥运会上,Ze Suixi向所有团队成员宣布:“当您痛苦时,请看着我的背。”

In the 2011 World Cup finals, the United States rushed to the Japanese team with three axes in the opening game. The Japanese team fell behind twice, and the red card of Iwaki Mizuzawa once made the team panicked. At the critical moment, Sawahiro Nozomi said "I have me Now, don’t be afraid” to let everyone regain their composure.


What is the role of spiritual leaders? In Aya Miyama’s own words: “I was encouraged to see Sawaho Nozomi. When I saw her on the court, I felt that the Japanese team was united.” The younger generations, Nagaria Saano and Eri Yuki said: “There is such a thing. As an example, what can we not stick to?"

精神领袖的角色是什么?用三宫彩(Aya Miyama)的话来说:“我很高兴见到泽尾保希。当我在球场上看到她时,我感到日本队团结了。”年轻的一代人长野勇(Nagaria Saano)和Eri Yuki说:“有这样的事情。例如,我们不能坚持什么?”

In 2011 Germany won the Women's World Cup, the old captain Ze Suixi is 33 years old. Who will become the next captain of the Japanese women's football team? The candidate recommended by Sawa Suixi is 26-year-old Aya Miyama.

2011年德国夺得女足世界杯冠军时,老队长泽岁锡现年33岁。谁将成为日本女足的下一任队长? Sawa Suixi推荐的候选人是26岁的Aya Miyama。

For many years, Aya Miyama has always kept Sawasaki's words in her heart:


In the 2012 Algarbe Cup, Aya Miyama made her debut at the press conference as the captain of the Japanese women's football team: "I don't want to worry about senior Sawahoki who can't come here, and I don't want the outside world to think we can't fight." In the end, the Japanese team met with Germany in the final, losing 3-4 to the German team.

在2012年的阿尔加布杯(Algarbe Cup)中,宫山彩(Aya Miyama)在新闻发布会上首次亮相,当时她是日本女足的队长:“我不想担心不能来到这里的资深泽友(Sawahoki),而且我也不想外界以为我们不能战斗。”最终,日本队在决赛中与德国会面,输给德国队3-4。

Aya Miyama was elected the MVP of the entire tournament, but she said: "I am not very interested in individual awards." After the final, Aya Miyama apologized to the team: "I feel very guilty for not having a good result. At this step, I feel that my failure to win the championship is due to my lack of strength."


In 2015, Japanese women, as the Asian Cup champions and World Cup defending champions, once again launched an impact on the World Cup. On the eve of the World Cup, Aya Miyama rarely confided her sense of crisis to the media.



2015 Canada World Cup


Before the opening of the 2015 World Cup, she organized all teammates to write the following text: Please work hard for the World Cup. We will work hard, thank you.


In Canada, the stubborn Yamato Nadeshiko once again met the American team in the finals. This time, the Americans avenged their revenge four years ago.


In this game, Masa Uchiyama, the 78-year-old first-grade class teacher, sat in front of the TV and watched Aya Miyama's game. "When I saw Aya was working hard, I cried. Thank you for bringing it. Courage and touch."

在这场比赛中,现年78岁的一年级班级老师内山雅(Masa Uchiyama)坐在电视前,观看了宫山彩(Aya Miyama)的比赛。 “当我看到Aya努力工作时,我哭了。谢谢你带来它。勇气和感动。”

After 2015, the Japanese women's football team entered a period of transition from new to old, and the team's internal shocks were great. On March 4, 2016, in the final qualifier of the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games and the third match against China, the Japanese women's football team lost 1-2. After the game, Aya Miyama shed tears in shame.

2015年之后,日本女足进入了从新到旧的过渡时期,这支球队的内部冲击很大。 2016年3月4日,在里约热内卢奥运会的决赛预选赛和对阵中国的第三场比赛中,日本女足1-2输了。赛后,Mi山yama流下了眼泪。


Apologize after the game


Miyama said: "I'm going crazy. Since I became the captain, I have tried my best to avoid the decline of the Japanese team, but found that there is still nothing I can do. Although the team is in a bad situation, the game is not over and I must fight to the last minute."


In the end, the Japanese women's football team determined that they missed the Rio Olympics and ushered in the coldest winter. Aya Miyama retired from the Japanese football world. At this time, she was only 31 years old.


Since then, reports about her from the outside world have declined drastically-there are a few scattered articles, all using inferential words like "maybe, probably, and should".


Aya Miyama is determined to stay away from the camera, go to some unknown places, teach Japanese children to play football, like a missionary.

三山彩(Aya Miyama)决心远离镜头,去一些陌生的地方,教日本孩子像传教士一样踢足球。

Aya Miyama said: "Football can be used as a power, and as individuals in society, (regardless of gender), we can give society due value and contribution. I want to make women's football a culture, not just a temporary Prosperity has allowed women's football to truly take root in Japan."

三山彩(Aya Miyama)说:“足球可以作为一种力量,作为社会上的个人(不论性别),我们可以为社会提供应有的价值和贡献。我想使女子足球成为一种文化,而不仅仅是暂时的繁荣允许女子足球才能真正扎根日本。”

"Compared with the gold medal, there are more girls participating in this sport, which is more worthy of our joy." Japanese fans said.


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