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The matter of Yu Hanchao is not complicated in itself. It can be made clear with the sentence "State-owned national law, family has house rules"-administrative detention for 15 days, 12 points deduction, and a fine of 5000 are the enforcement of national law, while Evergrande's expulsion is the enforcement of family rules. The current focus of discussion among all walks of life is whether Evergrande’s family rules are reasonable and legal. There is nothing wrong for netizens to express their opinions, but for the parties concerned, the current focus cannot be cast on Evergrande, because whether Evergrande’s decision to expel is appropriate is not as complicated as netizens’ comments. Legal procedures can be resolved. What really needs the attention of the relevant parties is the less controversial case of Yu Hanchao's alteration of the license plate. If you analyze it carefully, the problem reflected by this incident is the most important problem to be solved.


Regarding Hanchao’s own affairs, the majority of netizens have quite the same views, breaking the law means breaking the law, but many people have never figured out why Yu Hanchao did such a stupid thing. Guangzhou City has a "four stop and four" regulations for foreign vehicles. Yu Hanchao's Liaoning license plate is within the control range. According to the regulations, after his car has been driven in Guangzhou for four days, he must accept the four-day limit. If there is a violation, 3 points and 200 yuan will be fined each time. Yu Hanchao used this stupid method to circumvent the control by altering the license plate during the time limit.


A lot of questions are concentrated here. Guangzhou’s traffic restrictions do cause inconvenience to foreign license plate owners, but Yu Hanchao’s salary is not low. It is no problem to take a Guangzhou license plate, not to mention that he has been in Guangzhou for so many years, and some have time to handle it; If you don't want to go to the vehicle management office, buying another car in a nearby city can solve the problem. Although Yu Hanchao has no vocal explanation, the reason is not difficult to find, and this reason is an important detail that has been overlooked in many online discussions.


Evergrande started its preparations on March 30. Unlike before, Cannavaro implemented a training system this time. The so-called walking training system means that the players, like white-collar workers who are clocking in and out of get off work, can come to the Panyu training base on time every morning, and they can go home when they are off work and have one day off each week. To put it simply, it is from the previous collective life to nine to five.


This change has brought trouble to Yu Hanchao. When he was engaged in the training system, he had to live for a while when he drove to the base. Therefore, the "four stop and four drive" would not affect him. The car is already quite convenient, so there is no need to take the Guangzhou license plate or buy another car; and under the walking training system, he needs to drive to and from get off work 6 days a week, and his Dalian license plate will be affected. Therefore, Yu Hanchao came up with such a bad idea.


Although the training system is not a necessary condition for Yu Hanchao to alter the license plate, it is also one of the reasons. Of course, the cause of the introduction was not for Han Chao to wash the ground, but from this incident, it can be seen that Yu Han Chao's ability to take care of himself is quite problematic. Changing the training system to the training system allows players to get more personal time, but it also requires them to solve some personal affairs independently. In the process of solving, there are obviously many ways to choose from, but he has to go illegal. the way. In current words, this is a typical giant baby, and there are many such giant babies in football and even the entire sports circle.


The walking training system is not unusual in foreign countries, but it is still new in domestic football. In some previous articles, I said that the so-called professional leagues in China are not professional at all and can only be regarded as pseudo-pros. In other words, the current training system implemented by the Chinese team was originally a product of the sports team, but the professional league has been played for more than 20 years and still retains the previous set. This is also one of the signs of the pseudo-professional league.


In the past 20 years, many people have called for the implementation of the walking training system, but it was only realized when Okada Takeshi coached Hangzhou Greentown. Professional management is the main feature of Evergrande Club. The implementation of the training system this time is also an important step in the professional construction of the club. But after only half a month of training, there was a big disturbance. Yu Hanchao is relatively low-key in his daily life, rarely has off-site news, and has a good reputation. But nowadays, even honest people don’t do honest things. It can be predicted that if the training system is fully pushed away, other players will not know. How many moths come out.


In fact, the training system has not been pushed out. In addition to the management philosophy of the team, the players themselves are also very important reasons. The players in a team come from all over the world. These players may not want to settle down in the city where the team is located. After all, no one can guarantee whether they can stay in the team for a long time. In addition, the life plan after retirement, the development of the city, etc., are also important factors considered by the players. Therefore, many players did not buy a house in the city where the team is located.


Compared with renting a house, more players are still willing to live in the team’s dormitory, because now the club’s dormitory conditions are quite good, with all the necessary facilities, and housekeeping services in place. The players have to worry about training and training. In the game, you don't care about anything else. This is a benefit that many foreign athletes cannot enjoy. Their private housekeeping services, etc., need to be solved out of their own pockets, while Chinese athletes can train and prepare without distraction. This is the advantage of the training system. Therefore, even if the domestic professional sports have made great progress, they still have not given up the training system, even the most professional football.


However, there are many shortcomings in the intensive training system. It is one thing that interferes with the normal life rhythm of the players. Since the club has helped you solve many troubles in life, the time saved must also be returned to the club. "No going out at night without permission" is almost It is the general rule of the club. Of course, staying at the club at night is not for you to practice more. The main purpose is that the players are public figures. It is difficult to guarantee that people with ulterior motives will use the players to do things. The domestic sports agent team is not as good as the foreign professional team. If something goes wrong, the club has to solve it by itself. That being the case, it is better to lock the door most quietly.

但是,强化训练系统存在许多缺点。这是干扰玩家正常生活节奏的一件事。由于俱乐部帮助您解决了生活中的许多麻烦,因此节省下来的时间也必须归还给俱乐部。 “晚上未经允许不得外出”几乎是俱乐部的普遍原则。当然,晚上住在俱乐部并不适合您多练习。主要目的是让参与者成为公众人物。很难保证有别有用心的人会利用玩家做事。国内体育经纪人团队不如外国专业团队。如果出了问题,俱乐部必须自行解决。既然如此,最好最安静地锁定门。

But in this way, the players' normal lives will also be disrupted. Older fans should remember that during the Haigeng physical test, the reporters and black car drivers waiting outside the base wall at night were a unique landscape. They were waiting for the players who jumped out of the wall. It is these players who have brought to life the local black rental industry, and some drivers can even earn more than 10,000 yuan a month during physical training and training. According to the memories of some drivers, most of the players did not go out to spend time and drinks as people thought. Some went shopping in the mall; some went to the concert; some often ate the "fade out of the bird" from the canteen and went out for tooth sacrifices; and some young players just did it. Go play a game console.


These things are actually human nature, but in the eyes of the players at the time, this human nature is close to extravagant expectations. However, the more human nature is, the harder it is to suppress. Although the base was once equipped with barbed wire and large wolfhounds, it failed to stop the players from jumping outside. Later, the base changed the dormitory into a building, which completely cut off the possibility of the players jumping off the wall, but immediately after that, the Haigeng base also declined, and there was no longer the lively atmosphere of the past.


Moreover, the "strict management" on which the intensive training system is based has not realized its original intention. The management methods used by the team are quite extensive and not scientific at all, and the players are all at a healthy age, and they are quite disgusted with the empty preaching. The more you say that you are good for them, the more they stand up. When Lee Jang-soo first came to China, he was shocked by the many Chinese players who smoked and drank. At the peak, he drank dozens of cans of beer overnight, which was also discovered by Koreans during ward rounds.


Therefore, the so-called strict management under the training camp is not strict at all. The news that the players jumped off the wall at the Haigeng base is not uncommon in the newspapers, but the managers often turn their eyes and close their eyes, as long as they don’t catch Just live there, even the coach himself jumped out of the wall. Moreover, this management model has triggered the players' rebellious psychology and even led to the self-indulgence of individual players. In the past, the national team had to engage in long-term training for a period of time before the competition, but this also had a considerable impact on the players' psychology, causing many players to play abnormally in the game. Therefore, whenever the idea of ​​closed training comes up, a large number of people will always stand up against it.


Compared with the past, the management of the team is now much more humane. As mentioned in the previous article, the dormitory is equipped with a complete set of equipment, and players can kill time by playing games, swiping their phones, broadcasting live, etc. If you really have something to do, you can also ask for leave like a club. As long as it is not a special training period, the team can often meet the requirements. As long as you don't eat and drink outside, don't make trouble.


However, this management model still has a negative impact. When the players' personal affairs are overwhelmed by the team, their ability to deal with problems will also decline. For example, when Yang Chen first joined Frankfurt, he was very uncomfortable with the club's training system. It stands to reason that the biggest problem in Yang Chen’s situation abroad should be the language communication problem. However, this is not the case. Yang Chen’s biggest problem is the problem of eating. He cannot cook by himself. In the end, his parents have to rush to Germany to take care of daily life Be considered stable. As an adult, self-care ability is almost zero, which is hard to imagine abroad.


There is also a typical example. During the Asian Cup last year, former gymnastics champion Chen Yibing suggested that football should return to "inside the system" and become a hot figure. The so-called popularity of people is too many. Chen Yibing was immediately picked out of another Olympics who had been pitted that year. The dark history of the champion He Wenna real estate. When talking about this matter, He Wenna once said that she was only thinking about training back then, but she did not think of using the law to protect her rights. Someone pointed out that this is the typical "giant baby" cultivated by domestic sports, who can only train and compete, and they don't even know how to solve the trouble. If you hire a professional agent like a foreign professional athlete, then it is very difficult for a "scumbag" to succeed.


What Yu Hanchao has done this time is also of a nature. He encountered this little trouble. If he were replaced by an ordinary person, the solution he came up with could almost reach double digits, but he had to go to the illegal path. On the other hand, many foreign players have had the experience of making a living independently when they were young. For example, when Van Dijk was 17 years old, he was washing dishes in a restaurant in the Netherlands. The children of the poor are in their homes early. It is these experiences that exercise their self-care ability, so we can often see that many people encounter personal and family problems, but it does not affect their performance on the court. This is also a good career. A manifestation of literacy.

于汉超这次做的事情也很自然。他遇到了这个小麻烦。如果用一个普通人代替他,他想出的解决方案几乎可以达到两位数,但他必须走上非法之路。另一方面,许多外国球员在年轻时就有过独立谋生的经验。例如,范迪克(Van Dijk)17岁时,他正在荷兰的一家餐馆洗碗。穷人的孩子很早就在家中。这些经历锻炼了他们的自我保健能力,因此我们经常可以看到很多人遇到个人和家庭问题,但这并不影响他们在球场上的表现。这也是一个很好的职业。读写能力的体现。

What the ancients said is "cultivating one's body, aligning the family, governing the country, and pacifying the world". To explain it from the current perspective, you must first learn to be a human being and have the ability to take care of yourself. If you can't solve even personal and family matters, Don't talk about other ideals. Although the club can help you solve many things, there are also many things that cannot be solved. Old Shandong fans should remember that left-back Wang Chao was involved in emotional disputes. The club was unable to help with this kind of thing. Wang Chao failed to separate his personal affairs from stadium performance like foreign players, and once faded out of the fans' vision. It was not until the matter was resolved that Wang Chao regained his state and became a powerful general under Touba.


Some people say that if you want to be a human being beforehand, this is not just a personal character, but also the ability to take care of yourself. Yu Hanchao is a negative model, and for the managers of Chinese football, the club and the players themselves, this negative model cannot just be verbal. Before a good game, the most basic self-care ability is now improved. Although this may not have a direct effect on football skills, it can affect the player's career and the entire football environment.


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